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Basic Doctrine

February 21st - June 6th, 2018


Basic Doctrine is a study of the most important beliefs of Christianity. The purpose of this course is to set a solid foundation for sound Christian thinking. Basic Doctrine provides not only a foundation, but a framework for thinking; about God, his purposes and our lives. It's the basis of our values, beliefs and life's decisions. You cannot enjoy a meaningful Christian life without understanding at least some of the fundamental beliefs of the faith. This challenging class provides a concise and systematic understanding of the importance of those beliefs.

This is a 16-week class. Every Wednesday night at 7pm, beginning February 21st.

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EG Conference

February 22nd - February 24th, 2018


This is a Youth Conference where thousands of young people get together to worship God and hear dynamic messages from the best preachers in the country. This is an amazing opportunity for our kids to get rocked by God and connect with other youth groups. The Conference is hosted by The Father's House church in Vacaville, CA.

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